Furlife Northwest: Anthro Northwest 2023: Love

Anthro Northwest 5 will take place from January 5-8 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Seattle right in the heart of downtown!

ANW is a furry convention that seeks to promote charity, hospitality and creativity through art, education and building community. Anthro Northwest combines the best of anthro, furry and professional costume performance with over 150 workshops, panels and special events. This year's theme is "Love". We will explore and discuss the many dimensions of love with our convention mascots Andy and Cove as they deepen their special relationship together.

ANW features panels about everything anthro, from costume making to a rich humanities track, and everything in between. This year's Charity sponsor is Sarvey Wildlife, a wild animal rehabilitation center specializing in large avians.

Anthro Northwest is an all ages convention, all the time. Anyone with an interest in Anthropomorphic art should feel right at home. Costumes are optional at most events, so you don't need one to attend or participate.

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More details: www.anthronw.com

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The Anthro NW Convention is located at the Hyatt Regency Seattle, with Registration on Floor 7.