Furlife Northwest

Furry Meetup group with over 3600 members from all over the PAC NW!

  • Presenting the weekly Furry Food Meetup! We're an 18+ weekly gathering of furries. Our home base is the Red Robin in the Factoria Mall, Bellevue, on Tuesdays, with occasional excursions to other dining establishments. Everyfur is responsible for their own bill. Attendees must be at least 18, or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    Red Robin is in the Factoria Mall with near infinite parking. Numerous bus lines pass by as well.

    * We do not yet have permission to full-suit at Red Robin. Please check back here next week. Meanwhile, this is a family-friendly public restaurant with lots of messy, sticky sauces and children. So keep the gear PG and sauce-safe.

    If you need to contact the host, please do so on Telegram, as Meetup messages take upwards of a day to hit my inbox.
    Twitter - @TiesAndTails
    Telegram - t.me
    (Note: This is a Telegram waiting room. We've had a lot of replicants trying to sneak in,...