Furries of the Treasure Coast

OWO? It seems that you're invited to come to a weekly Furmeet up here in the Treasure Coast of Florida! Please don't message on meetup for info. Do message for details or giving us a heads up and best place to park.
NEW LOCATION, please message on Telegram for details.
For up to date information, go on TELEGRAM Messenger and message @ReynBlaze

Come join us Wednesday evenings at 6 PM -- Island Vibes Kava Bar of Stuart, Fl Located in Regency Plaza

For the furmeet come in and tell the server you're part of the furry group.
Or, follow the directions from the update messages.

There is no cover. Food or drink purchase at the bar then proceed to meeting area. Follow a FAMILY RESTAURANT DRESS CODE, please. (No obvious bondage or fetish gear, pup hoods, stuff like that.)

Fursuits are allowed at the furmeet, but not required!

Your imagination, my dear fellow, is worth more than you imagine. ~Louis Aragon

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