Rhode Island Furs: Rhode Island Furbowl

The next Rhode Island Furbowl will be held on Saturday, December 10, at 7 p.m. at East Providence Lanes at 80 Newport Avenue, East Providence, RI. (MAP IS HERE) The cost is $2 to attend plus $13 to bowl ($15 total).

This furbowl will feature our yearly collection of donations for Toys for Tots. If you can, please bring any new stuffed animals or unwrapped and unopened toys and games appropriate for ages up to 12. If you can't afford to buy gifts at major retailers, check your local dollar store or Five Below. Dressing up in holiday costumes is encouraged.

When you arrive, please come to me or find me to sign in. Don't just walk on by past everybody. For liability reasons, I must know who was there in case something should happen and I have to look up who was in attendance that night. On the sign-in form, please put down your real first and last name. Don't put in initials like "John S."

People have been entering the building through the emergency exit next to Lane 1. You should be coming in through the main entrance. If you do come in from the side, you must still see Cirrus to sign in.

Anyone under the age of 16 who is attending any RI Furs meet must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must stay in attendance at the meet at all times. Preferably, that young person should have a familial relationship with the attendee and be at least 18.

{u]If you see something, say something.[/u] If someone is making you uncomfortable, please bring it to our attention immediately. Don't wait until after the event.

Any attendee wearing something that can be viewed as objectionable by general public standards, at my discretion, will be asked to either change up, cover up or leave if they cannot comply.

Masks are optional when attending. If you would feel more comfortable by wearing a mask, you may do so. The situation with the coronavirus is still ongoing.

The group photos will be taken at about 8:15. Please be in your suit and ready when the time comes.

Code of Conduct:

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Welcome to the biggest, furriest group in the smallest state! We hold large furmeets as well as smaller get-togethers. We have an active Telegram chatroom and you are welcome to join us. Please do not think that our events and meets are solely for those furries living in Rhode Island. We welcome anyone coming in from out of state to visit us.

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Our Twitter account is managed by CirrusSkyDragon Cirrus.
There is also @RIFurbowl for RI Furbowl announcements.

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