Suitwalk Bern

Join us for our next Suitwalk in Bern on Sunday the 11th of December. We will meet at 13:00 (please be on time or a bit early, as we would like to start the walk at 13:30 latest) at the Nydeggstalden 9 in 3011 Bern, where we have rented a room for changing into Fursuit.

To cover the room costs, there is a participation fee of 10.- CHF, please be sure to bring those for the event.

You also need to sign up using Google Forms: Registration form

– We ask you to be punctual.
– There are no sexually suggestive clothing or puppy masks worn by either suiters or spotters. Harnesses are allowed on fursuiters only and as long as they are worn without a leash.
– Please remain SFW when we are out in public.

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