Furvester 4: Mission to Mars

Furvester is an annual furry convention which takes place in the region of Stuttgart in Germany and is always held around New Year's Eve, shortly after Christmas.

This year Furvester will take place in Reutlingen, south of Stuttgart in the Fortuna Hotel, with space for up to 335 attendees.

Furvester is organized by the "Flussfussels e.V." association.

The theme for this year is "Mission to Mars". It's time to leave Earth and settle on a new planet, purely populated by furry creatures! Will we manage the hard journey or are we destined to stay on this planet? Join us and find out!

Code of Conduct:

to (Europe/Berlin time)
to (Europe/London time)

More details: furvester.org

Get tickets from: reg.furvester.org

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