San Diego Furries: Balboa Park Meet


WHERE: Pepper Grove, Balboa Park
PARKING: Parking lot due north of Pepper Grove, additional parking at the Veterans Museum south-southwest and across the street (Veterans Museum map pin HERE)

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Hi everyone! It's our usual monthly Balboa Park meet; note that the meet location has changed!

The meet will still be at Balboa Park, but we are changing the location since the usual spot is getting cramped due to the construction happening at the botanical garden. This new area is a small park called Pepper Grove, and it can be found near the Centro Cultural de la Raza.

Please bring SUNSCREEN, WATER, and anything that you think would be fun! We tend to have some Frisbees and some foam swords and shields so everyone can duel each other, but any extra entertainment is always nice!

Toward the end of the meet, we'll be taking a group photo at the Bea Evenson fountain, including fursuiters and anyone else who wants to join in.

Fursuiting is of course encouraged; we'll have our suit lounge available onsite, though if it's warm that day, it's up to personal discretion whether or not to suit. By no means are suits required, everyone is welcome!

The meetup ends at 1700 (5:00PM PST). Afterwards, we may be going to Ajisen Ramen or someplace else nice for dinner, feel free to meet us there if you decide to go.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please be sure to let one of the admins know. Hope to see you all there, and as always, be safe and have fun!

- Your SDF Organizers

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The San Diego Furries, or SDF, is a social group for furries in the vicinity of San Diego, California, USA, founded on January 3, 2012 by Halon, Raket, and Chance the Dragon.
They plan and offer such events as a parties and furmeets and keep their members abreast of any furry related news on the Southern California area via their main website and social media.
San Diego Furries is also in Charge of the monthly L.M.F.A.O or Lake Murray Furry Anthro Outing and as well as the Kearny Mesa meet ups.

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