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    Bonjour à tous!
    Après un gros 3 ans sans BBQ communautaire, il est temps de se reprendre et de manger tous ensemble!
    Cet évenement est familial et dans un endroit public, donc svp avoir une tenue vestimentaire qui reflète cela!
    Les fursuits sont la bienvenue!
    Ça se passe au Parc Angrignon, à Montréal! Accessible par métro et stationnement ($) pour vos autos!
    On aura pour vous des breuvages, des hot dogs et des hamburgers à prix modiques! (Les prix seront déterminés bientôt! )
    Au plaisir de vous y voir! Nous aurons plus d'informations bientôt! 🙂
    Hello everyone!!
    After 3 years of absence, it's about time we have a wonderful community BBQ once again!
    This event is in a public park and is family friendly, please dress accordingly. Fursuits are welcome!
    The event will be held in the Angrignon park in Montreal. The park is accessible by metro, and there are also ($) parking spaces for your vehicles.

  • Camp Wruffin'It brought you by WAG is a pet play camp founded in 2017 by furs and pet players for Albertans.

    It's an nsfw sex positive nudist camp on a private rural resort in Alberta.

    The camp is inclusive of genders, sexualities, neurotypes, body types and species (historically mostly human Queer Pup players.)

    Wruffin'It allows you to tent with friends, book a room in the lodge, or bring an RV. We provide breakfast Saturday and Sunday, as well as a Welcome Taco Buffet Friday night. Full meal plans are available.

    We offer a couple of classes on bdsm each year, as well as signature fun events like paint-a-Pet body painting. There's fire pits, an unmonitored community dungeon, a movie night, bed time stories by Daddy Scott, and a couple of other events.

    Wruffin'It is fully electrified and has clean potable water and hot showers available and is all included in the ticket price.

  • Manitoba's celebration of Anthropomorphic art, culture, and performance!

    Wild Prairie Furs’ annual convention will celebrate anthropomorphics: humanlike animal characters which have fascinated mankind since the dawn of human imagination. We are a collection of artists, writers, crafters, costumers, puppeteers… and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and their kin.

    Registration is open to any and all who love imagining what it would be like if animals could walk and talk as we do — and no, you do not have to wear a costume to attend! If you are a fan of anthropomorphics, or simply curious to know more, we invite you to join us.

  • General Info:
    It’s a two part furmeet. From 11am till 1-2pm fursuiting in the park until it gets too hot, then we are all moving to the nearby beach to go play in the water. This furmeet is near the Memphrémagog lake. Make sure to bring your swimming stuff and sun screen lotion! Don’t forget to bring some food to eat in the park or eat before!

    August 13th 2022. From 11am to 5pm.

    The Park of the Pointe-Merry in Magog. See pictures for exact location at bottom.

    Free. Except for parking fees if any.
    Organizers Contact
    The event is organized by @NordstromKaiju and @DragoonFox, please contact them if you have any questions on telegram or DM the @QCFurmeet Twitter directly.

    See you soon!
    Facebook Event page:

  • The Camp

    Camp Feral! is a summer camp for furs held annually in the wilderness of Algonquin Park, Ontario. Founded in 1998, it is the third oldest furry convention in the world, Canada's first furry convention, and the world's first (and only, we think!) furry summer camp!

    The result of three furs each blending their individual ideas for a new furry event - a Toronto Fur Meet, a Furry University complete with program tracks and courses, and a furry summer camp - Feral! has grown over two decades to offer the fandom an experience like no other. Thanks to an active and welcoming community of veteran campers your first visit doesn't need to be a nervous one!