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  • Camp Wruffin'It brought you by WAG is a pet play camp founded in 2017 by furs and pet players for Albertans.

    It's an nsfw sex positive nudist camp on a private rural resort in Alberta.

    The camp is inclusive of genders, sexualities, neurotypes, body types and species (historically mostly human Queer Pup players.)

    Wruffin'It allows you to tent with friends, book a room in the lodge, or bring an RV. We provide breakfast Saturday and Sunday, as well as a Welcome Taco Buffet Friday night. Full meal plans are available.

    We offer a couple of classes on bdsm each year, as well as signature fun events like paint-a-Pet body painting. There's fire pits, an unmonitored community dungeon, a movie night, bed time stories by Daddy Scott, and a couple of other events.

    Wruffin'It is fully electrified and has clean potable water and hot showers available and is all included in the ticket price.