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  • Hey everyone! Once again its time to post the Annual Knoebels Grove Furmeet!!

    Last year was quite interesting as the camping group got to experience an entire week in one of Knoebels Grove's nice Cottages on-site! Now that our foot is in the door so to speak, this will be an ongoing occurence and I'll try my best to upgrade to larger cottages to allow more interested folks to come and stay with us on the park. Thus far the cottage has been completely stuffed with folks, but this doesnt mean anyone else who'd like to come and make a vacation of this has to be left out. There should be plenty of Camping sites both on and off the park that are up for reservation and if you'd like to coordinate with me, feel free to contact me and I'll put some info below.

    In regards to the COVID-19, Knoebels has revised their policies to better protect their customers and still adhere to Pennsylvania's stipulations on public businesses. Masks or faceshields may still be required while in the...